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Kansas City Data Center

Great for audiences across the United States

This Kansas City data center offers premium network connectivity at an affordable price. Located in Kansas City, Missouri, this data center offers connections to most major cities in the United States, Canada, South America and Europe. With our data center being located conveniently in the mid-west, we're able to serve as an optimal location within the United States. Featuring fully redundant fiber lines, multiple power feeds, backup generators and redundant cooling systems. The data center features armed security 24/7 as well as biometric scanners to access any part of the data center.

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  • Facility

    • 99.9% power uptime in 2016

    • Staffed 24/7/265

    • Redundant cooling systems

    • Three power feeds from KCP&L from separate grids

    • UPS battery systems

    • 400 kilowatt diesel backup generator

  • Connection

    • 99.9% network uptime in 2016

    • 100Mbit, 1Gbit and 10Gbit Ports

    • Directly Connected Upstream Providers: Hurricane Electric, Cogent Communications, Telia Company, GTT Communications, China Telecom, China Unicom

    • Notable Private Peers: Apple, Inc., Google Fiber

    • Public Peering Points: Kansas City Internet eXchange (KCIX), DE-CIX New York, DE-CIX Frankfurt, De-CIX, Minneapolis Internet Cooperative Exchange (MICE), DenverIX, Seattle Internet eXchange (SIX)

  • Service

    • Armed security on-site 24/7

    • Technicians on-site 24/7

    • 14,000sq ft data center

    • DDoS Mitigation Available