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We understand how complex and confusing the web hosting industry can be. Dedispec hopes to clear that barrier and help you not only understand what YOU need but also explain what it is you are purchasing. We don't want to send people into a state of confusion like many web hosts do by selling you services you don't understand or solutions that are way more resources then you need.

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  • Where are your services located?

    We operate out of two data centers located in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia (USA) and Kansas City, Missouri (USA).

  • Is your support actually available 24/7?

    Yes! Our technicians are available 24/7, whether you have an emergency or a question, they're available to assist you.

  • Do you outsource your technical support or sales?

    We do not outsource any of our staff. Every time you speak with us, you will be speaking with one of Dedispec's employees who work on-site.

  • I'm not sure what solution is best for me, can you help?

    Our friendly sales staff take the time to get to know you and your requirements so they can provide you with the best possible solutions at a great price.

  • Do you tolerate abuse on your services?

    Absolutely not. We take pride in our handling of abuse and our customers are even happier when they get the reward of a clean and stable network.